13th May 2020

To comply with the new guidelines as set out by the College of Podiatry and government policies some changes have been made. These changes have been made to ensure everyones safety.

Prior to the appointment

  • A telephone triage system is in place to provide appropriate care services when booking appointments
  • An on-line video appointment or a face-to-face appointment will be offered
  • The day before the appointment each patient will be called to check on health and well being

On Arrival to the appointment

• The patient waits outside by the road until their appointment time and are called in
• The patient is given a mask, if appropriate
• The patient is directed to sanitise their hands by the door

Changes to the clinic

• As much as possible, surfaces are clear to allow for easy cleaning
• Doors and windows left open unless ambient temperature is intolerably low
• Sign on door about COVID-19 guidelines
• Tissues and hand sanitiser available to patients
• Gaps between patients’ appointments to avoid cross over and to allow additional time to clean
• Patients who are particularly vulnerable are to be seen at the start of the session

I hope you have all stayed safe and remained well. I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible over the up coming weeks.
Take care, stay safe and save the NHS