10th July 2020- PLEASE NOTE

Thank you for your loyalty, and trust during this difficult and uncertain period. The current climate has involved big changes to how I work to ensure your safety and mine. 

I am restructuring my practice to accommodate the new guidelines and procedures imposed due to Covid-19. I have made every attempt to avoid the increase, but I refuse to compromise on quality, safety, and hygiene. Rising costs necessitate raising the price of all treatments. 

I continue to appreciate and value your support and look forward to another year of keeping you on your feet.

Please see the new prices below.



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Podiatry treatment prices  
New patient routine assessment £38.00
Musculoskeletal assessment £48.00
Routine follow-up £33.00
Nail surgery From £310.00
Foot orthoses From £25.00
Warm wax therapy £25.00
Nail reconstruction prices  
Initial consultation (up to 15 minutes) Free
Large toe nail reconstruction £40.00
Small toe nail reconstruction £20.00
Large toe nail overlay £25.00
Out of hours fee +£10.00

Card payments and Phone pay are accepted.

For other treatment prices please contact us on 07986 751490

Remember to put your appointment details in your diary and we look forward to seeing you soon.