Nail Reconstruction

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I am pleased to announce the addition of a toenail correction/reconstruction service as a new qualification to my portfolio.

I am now able to reconstruct and remodel your toe nails using this safe and effective treatment. Wilde-Pedique Silver plus (also called LCN, which stands for light-cured nails) is known World-Wide and has been used for cosmetic reconstruction of nails for over 20 years. Many nail reconstructions will be performed in conjunction with a podiatry treatment.

What is Wilde-Pedique Silver plus?

It is a cosmetic light cured medicated gel with antimicrobial properties which can be used to correct or reconstruct toe nails or as a prosthesis. It contains colloidal silver and piroctone olamine (a slow release antifungal agent) with hypoallergenic characteristics. The gel comes in a variety of natural colours to suit skin tone and personal preference.

When applied it functions as a strong and flexible natural nail without being thick. They can be cut and filed and nail polished applied and removed as with natural nails. The nails function with all sports and water activities, as with a natural nail it can be damaged by trauma direct to the nail.

Why would you want a Wilde-Pedique Silver plus treatment?

Fungal nails

This treatment can be used in conjunction with fungal nail treatment either in the form of topical or oral anti-fungal treatment. Although Wilde-Pedique Silver plus is not a cure for fungal infections, it should help in limiting the spread of the fungal infection and it can boost your confidence to show off your feet.


Reconstructed nail using Wilde-Pedique

Nails damaged by trauma or removed surgically

A prosthetic nail can aid nail regrowth in conjunction with podiatric treatment where possible, sometimes the nail bed is too damaged to allow regrowth, this can be discussed with the podiatrist. In the case of totally missing nail a prosthetic can be made and glued to the nail bed.

Cracked / split nails

Wilde-Pedique Silver plus provides an overlay to the nail to prevent snagging and protects until the split has grown out.

Other properties include:

No odour or discolouration. Once an Acrylester-resin has been cured for about two minutes under a UV-A light, the material is completely cured and will not change. Wilde-Pedique Silver plus does not damage or hinder natural nail growth. It does not contain a Primer / Chemical Activator. LCN gels use no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate.

LCN Nail reconstruction