Podiatry is so  much more than cutting nails. Several months ago a lovely lady, Sue, came to my clinic with painful toes and continuous blister formation. Sue wanted to keep walking with her social group at weekends, this is her passion, her friendship group and of huge value and importance to her. Sue wanted to be pain free.

Our treatment aim: To walk with pain free toes

Our plan: Short term – Neurological, vascular, musculoskeletal and footwear including socks assessment.
Medium term – Stretching and strengthening regime, new lacing technique for all shoes, new socks to reduce                                                     moisture and gait analysis and insole prescription.
Long term – New shoes looking for wider toe box and arch support worn in slowly and as advised, new insoles to be                                      worn as advised.

Our outcome measurements: No pain when walking and able to enjoy her social activities.

Sue had had this walking holiday in Austria planned for such a long time and thanks to her dedication and motivation we managed to achieve her desired outcome. Below are few of the messages I received from Sue. I am so pleased that she managed to have such an amazing holiday and do it all toe pain free. I am always so astonished when patients think of me when they are busy elsewhere. Thanks to feedback like this I know that podiatry and good communication can make a difference.