Family Feet Solutions is currently closed for routine foot care and appointments.

I am currently offering emergency / urgent appointments following a consultaion phone consultation. This will include questions regarding social distancing / isolation and symptoms.
Due to the current Covid19 outbreak we are adhearing to current government and governing body guidelines.
These rules are being updated daily regarding our ability to see patients and Personal Protective Equipment supplies and use.

Foot problem symptoms to be aware of:

If you notice any of the following symptoms, please call for advice as soon as possible. We will assess whether you need a face to face appointment.

We may ask you to send us a photo of your foot to our secure email address.

  • Is there any new pain, or throbbing?
  • Does your foot feel hotter than usual?
  • Are there any new areas of discolouration, inflammation, or swelling?
  • Is there any discharge?
  • Is there a new smell from your foot?
  • Do you have any flu-like symptoms?
  • Have you noticed a rash?
  • Are you becoming breathless?
  • Is your body temperature above 38.3ºC (101ºF), or below 36ºC (96ºF)?

If you have any new breaks in the skin, or blisters, cover them with a sterile dressing. Do not burst any blisters that form.

If you need advice, help or just have questions regarding your foot health, care or pain, please call on 07986751490.

As soon as we are allowed to treat routine patients you will be notified.
I will be booking people in based on urgency and order of previous appointment time.
Appointments are now spaced 1 hour apart. Your appointment time will be a maximum of 40 minutes. This will allow for new infection control policies to be implemented between patients. Keeping to your alloted appointment times will ensure that patients have no contact with each other.

I will be keeping a locked door policy to reduce walk-ins and keep people safe.

Below are some images providing advice for self care

A short list of advice to help maintain good foot health