Changes are happening at Family Feet Solutions. I am leaving Family Feet Solutions, but leaving you in very good hands. I have worked very hard to find my replacement, someone who has patient care at their core and is a great podiatrist. I will be leaving you in the very capable hands of Andrew Albon.

I am taking the opportunity to work in a new shop in Tunbridge Wells as part of a team of medical professionals. This was an unexpected offer that I feel is an opportunity for me to grow and improve my skills as a health professional.

Your continued care is utmost in my priorities during this time of change. Andrew and I are delivering this change together as a team, to ensure all your podiatry needs are met and the transition as smooth as possible.

I have known Andrew for nine years and know that he will do his best to continue to provide you with the best care possible.

All appointments you have already booked will continue to be in the diary.

The clinic will continue to run as before with a smooth transition for all, although the name will become Sussex Footcare. Andrew will officially take over the clinic on 10th May 2021. I apologise if I have not managed to see you before my departure. I want to thank you for your valued custom, your loves, laughs and stories that have filled my days with joy.

For any queries, questions or further information please call Andrew on 07830417007 or email  or me on 07986751490

Best wishes for the future and thank you again for your support and your continued journey with Andrew.


Andrew has written an introduction for you all, to get to know him and his background.

This a photo of Andrew Albon, mid 20's male, podiatrist. He will be taking over Family Feet Solutions and rebranding to Sussex Footcare

Dear Sir / Madam

My name is Andrew Albon and I am the owner of Sussex Footcare. You are receiving this letter as an introduction to myself as I will be taking over from Elizabeth at Family feet solutions who currently looks after your feet.

It can be difficult to put your trust into someone you do not know so I am going to give you some information about who I am and my working background.

I was born in Eastbourne so class myself as a local and I love the area. I am married to my Wife Rosie and we have a beautiful boy called Oliver he is now 2 and half years old and keeps me on my toes (excuse the pun). We live locally and I have been involved in sports since I can remember. I currently play cricket for Willingdon CC. I also play bowls at Gildredge park B.C, which my Grandad taught me from a young age. I have been lucky enough to have some success such as winning the Eastbourne open twice and representing the county at the nationals after winning the county singles. My sporting background has had a heavy influence on me into wanting to pursue a career in podiatry.

My Family also live in Eastbourne and my mum, uncle and Grandad have all been Chiropodists/podiatrists. This was probably my other big influence in me finding a career in podiatry. I like the way that we can see a patient and resolve their pain within one appointment making a huge difference. I also like the fact we can maintain people’s health with regular visits and build a close relationship with patients.

I have been a podiatrist for the past 7 years and qualified from the prestigious University of Brighton. I started my career working for the NHS where I was working for the East Sussex healthcare trust. I worked there for 3 years dealing with mainly wound care patients and also developing my skills in nail surgery. After 3 years I had already started developing my private practice working around my NHS hours until I was busy enough to leave and plunge into the private sector. Sussex Footcare was developed not long after this. In addition to this, the last year I have also been working in Sevenoaks two days a week where I have been developing myself further in biomechanics and nail surgery. As you can see, I am always striving to improve my skills and be the best practitioner I can possibly be. We are excited to have this opportunity to merge with Family Feet Solutions and look forward to working locally with the community to help everyone with their feet.

If you want to check us out we have a website and we also have a Facebook page, Sussex Footcare.

I am available to take calls and emails of any queries you may have.

Many Thanks

Andrew Albon