Callus & Corns

Podiatrist using scalpel to remove hard skin

Callus and corns are painful and affect how you walk and stop you from being able to do daily activities. They can cause you to alter the way you walk and cause other body areas to compensate, such as hips and knees. Callus and corns are a build up of hard skin over specific areas of repeated high pressure on the foot. Areas of the foot most prone during walking are foot-ground, foot-shoe or toe-toe.

What are callus and corns?

Callus appears as a yellowish plaque of hard skin. A corn is an inverted cone of similar hard skin that is pushed into the skin. They are mostly found over boney prominences. They can be very painful, like walking on small stones.


Successful podiatric management of corns and callus require removal of the cause. This is followed by treatment aimed at reducing pain and restoring normal skin function. Causes can be biomechanical, they way you walk, ill fitting footwear or medical disorders.

Toe foam prop to protect bony promenance

What we do

Podiatry management involves callus reduction and corn removal with a scalpel. Frequently padding is used to offload the area of pressure. A biomechanical assessment and footwear assessment may be required to aid continued callus and corn reduction. Self care advice is always given to help you take care of yourself at home. Using the right cream and filing the area of callus with an emery board are two starting points for everyone.

Further information and advice can found by contacting your podiatrist or by visiting the College of Podiatry.