Brighton Marathon Medical Conference 2019

Elizabeth at the medical conference

What a great afternoon I had at the conference at the Brighton Hilton this April. This year I was the Podiatry Lead for the Brighton Marathon. I was very honoured to take on this role but it did mean I had to give a talk to the 300+ volunteer medical team involved in the marathon. Although nervous, I did stand on stage and give a podiatry talk. the topics we cover are blisters, fractures and strains and how to deal with them in a field tent or on the road.

Brighton Marathon: The day!

The day started as always with an early start at the Brighton pier. Myself and three qualified podiatrists and seven 3rd year podiatry students from University of Brighton met up at 8:15, with a large cup of coffee. We divided the team between the two medical tents, Grand Avenue and the Finish Line. Each team is made of at least one qualified and two students. This is a photo of our finish line medical team, all smiles and enthusiasm at 8:45am.


These images are just two examples of the blisters that we
saw in our tent. These are often left alone to be reabsorbed
back in to the skin. Dependent on the location of the blister
it may need to be offloaded to prevent direct pressure and
reduce discomfort. Occasionally the blisters are located in high pressure areas and need popping, dressing and offloading.  



I loved watching my friend cross the finish line and give her a well needed hug. she made great time and was her second Brighton Marathon.




The day was long and spent helping the runners in more ways than just podiatry. The team offered moral support and a shoulder to lean on, literally, to many very tired runners. We made up drinks, opened water bottles and food for tired runners. The team behaved professionally and proved themselves to be team players within an intense medical field situation. They finished the day dancing and bouncing with the same enthusiasm as they started.