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insulated gloves and insulated shoes belong to

Whether you need flame resistant & Arc flash rated Coveralls, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Insulating Utility, Safety harness, Molten Metal Splash Protective, Electric conductive suit, Acid and alkali protective clothing or Other products, C&G Safety has you covered. Help or quote?

insulated gloves and insulated shoes belong to

These waterproof, insulated boots will keep you plenty warm and dry on wet winter daysThe g of insulation kept our toes warm while walking the dog and shoveling the driveway.

grounded receptacle, be double insulated, or be powered by a low voltage isolation transformerThree wire cords contain two current carrying conductors and a grounding conductorAny time an adapter is used to accommodate a two hole receptacle, the adapter wire must be attached to a known groundThe third prong must never be removed from the

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Insulated Gloves To order any of these products please fill out the contact form or call us at and we will be happy to help you with your orderDeluxe Linesman Glove .

Turn bright or dark items inside out to reduce fading, including jeansHang shirts from the bottom, and pants and skirts from the waistband so the clothespin marks are in a less conspicuous spotLine drying saves energy and reduces environmental impactIf you are using a dryer, tumble dry on low heat, especially for down insulated garments.

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