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where to inspect the purchased insulating gloves

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where to inspect the purchased insulating gloves

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where to inspect the purchased insulating gloves

Protector gloves shall be worn over insulating gloves except Where very high finger dexterity is needed, using class gloves, so long as extra care is taken to handle sharp objects carefully.

If the insulating gloves have been electrically tested but not issued for service, they may not be placed into service unless they have been electrically tested within the previous monthsTo help ensure the integrity of the gloves and worker safety, gloves need to be stored properly when not in use.

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When using voltage insulating gloves, be sure to inspect the gloves for cracks or damage before each use and always use them with the supplied leather protectorsSlide After the shock hazard analysis is complete, next we need to complete a Flash Hazard Analysis.

Gloves and other rubber insulating products must be permanently marked to indicate the voltage class, and the gloves and sleeves must also have a color coded label identifying the voltage classEqual care and consideration should also be given when selecting the appropriate leather protector gloves.

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