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methods for medical staff to take off protective clothing after get off work

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methods for medical staff to take off protective clothing after get off work

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methods for medical staff to take off protective clothing after get off work

Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The Loop · The safety of our staff and patients always comes firstPlease take care of yourself and your work spaces as we strive to do our best for each other, our patients, and our communityIn clinical settings Staff must wear a medical grade mask and eye protection in

Use safe work practices to protect yourself and limit the spread of infectionKeep hands away from face and PPE being wornChange gloves when torn or heavily contaminatedLimit surfaces touched in the patient environmentRegularly perform hand hygieneAlways clean hands after removing gloves.

Unloading MethodFollow these steps to take off protective clothing Leave the work site or "hot zone" when the protective clothing still has enough air to remove pollution safely and remove the protective clothing in timeIf the protective clothing is exposed to toxic chemicals, first detoxify properly, then remove the protective

) Lift the hat up to get your head off the hat) Take off the sleeves, remove the contaminated side inward, and put it in the designated container) The bottom of the shirt should be unrolled from the top to the bottom with the contaminated side facing the inside() Siamese protective clothing ) First pull the zipper to the end.

immediately after removing all PPEAdapted from CDC Guideline for Isolation Precautions[]National Health and Medical Research Council Aus tr alin Guide n es f or he P v and Co l f Inf cHea re Standard and transmission based precautions SEQUENCE FOR REMOVING PPE Remove PPE at doorway or in anteroom GLOVES

Fear of being contaminated while wearing or taking off protective equipmentIt is inconvenient and inflexible to work in isolation clothes and glovesWhen you are alone with a patient in an isolation ward, you will worry about your own safetyFear of spreading an infection to your familySupport system Support from

During the epidemic of COVID , if medical staff are exposed to occupational hazards in the contaminated area of the isolation ward, they should go to the nearest location where there are hand hygiene facilities of flowing water to carry out emergency treatment on the exposed areas, and take off protective articles at the designated locations

Removal method of protective clothing gently unfasten the sealing tape and open the zipper.Remove the sleeves after removing the protective cap.Grasp the inside of the protective clothing with both hands, turn the contaminated protective clothing inward, roll the collar and edge to the center, and roll gently to the ankle.

Take off protective gown When taking off the one piece protective suit, first pull the zipper to the end (FIG), lift the hat up to make the hat detach from the head, and take off the sleeves (FIG, FIG) The edging roll is from top to bottom (figure ), and the pollution faces inward until it is all removed and put into the clinical

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