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high-voltage equipment operation insulating gloves belong to

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high-voltage equipment operation insulating gloves belong to

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high-voltage equipment operation insulating gloves belong to

Work Procedures and Operating Procedures§Tools and Protective Equipment(a) Insulating Equipment() Insulating equipment designed for the voltage levels to be encountered shall be provided and the employer shall ensure that they are used by employees as required by this section.

parts operating between V and kV is feet x inchesThis image contains high voltage gloves, safety glasses, a hard hat and high voltage bootsThese are common examples of the PPE you should wear as an operator when using high voltage equipment NFPA E Table (C) outlines approach boundaries to live parts for shock protection.

Because hot sticks are used to work with high voltage machines and conductors, they are made up of insulated material and can vary in lengthHOT STICK BASICSLength of a hot stick varies during service and is dependent upon the voltage level of the equipment being manipulatedMaterial of a hot stick can also vary.

High Voltage Equipment TestingThe high voltage (e.g kV) installation covers the generation, main supply cables, switchgear, transformers, electric propulsion (if fitted) and a few large motors e.gfor side thrusters and air conditioning compressors.

Insulated gloves should be worn while testingUse extreme caution to avoid touching the tips of the test leads or the circuit under test when the PRESS TO TEST button is pressed High Voltage is presentDo not make measurements when the battery cover is removed.

use rubber blankets, mats, gloves and other insulating equipment and tools specifically approved for such work by the EIC or electrical inspector use electrical test equipment to determine if equipment to be worked on is energized de energize equipment, when possible, prior to working on the equipmentEBuilding Electrical Work.

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