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key inspections of insulating gloves and electroscope

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key inspections of insulating gloves and electroscope

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key inspections of insulating gloves and electroscope

ScopeThis document covers minimum criteria to aid in organizing and conducting electrical inspections, which includes administration, plans review, and field inspection, for new electrical installations and modifications to existing electrical installations in conformance with AHJ requirements.

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Inspection Before each use, carry out a visual inspection and check the gloveinflationAny puncture or perforation makes the gloves unusablePrecautions Do not expose to solvents or chemicalsthat may cause deteriorationDo not use the glove when dampCleaning use water and soapDry below °C with ambient humidity.

The following Field Guides are provided to assist LBNL personnel in the application of PUB , Chapter and the Electrical Safety Manual while performing their dutiesThey are provided in both PDF handout format, as well as Powerpoint formatYou are encouraged to use these guides in the field as well as for Safety and Tailgate sessions.

Current inspection date Any condition that may cause the user to be suspect of the insulating value of the gloves or sleevesExplain that inspecting the leather protectors is equally as important as inspecting the rubber glovesProtectors that may contain embedded splinters or metal slivers can damage the rubber glove.

Visual inspection consists of looking for any defects in the glove which would compromise the gloves integrity (ability to provide the electrical insulation properties designed for the glove) such as but not limited to cuts, tears, abrasions (thin spots) as well as inflating the gloves to check for holes and rolling the gloves between fingers

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