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do not touch your hands without protective clothing

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do not touch your hands without protective clothing

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do not touch your hands without protective clothing

irritate your nasal passageDo not touch your face, eyes, or mouth while in laboratoryIf you must do so, first wash your handsHold chemical containers away from your bodyCarefully check the label on the bottle before using its contentMake .

Rinse your hands well under running water keeping your fingertips pointed downwardDo not shake the water from your handsDry your hands thoroughly with a clean disposable towelDrop the towel in a trashcan without touching the containerThen use a

Pinch the outside of your first glove at the wrist, being sure not to touch your bare skinPeel the glove away from your hand, pulling it inside out as you do soUse care not to rip it in the

Gloves are not a perfect form of protection for those hoping to avoid germs in public placesYou shouldn't wear gloves unless they remind you to avoid touching your face, doctors sayTake extra

As Tattoo Junkies warns, "Do not let anyone touch your tattoo, unless they wash their hands."You don't know where they've been or what their hands were doing before gracing your skinInfections

Try not to touch any surfaces directly, starting with the door handleSince percent of people dont wash their hands properly, traces of norovirus (which can cause diarrhea and vomiting), C

Front of mask respirator is contaminated DO NOT TOUCH! If hands get contaminated during mask respirator removal, immediately wash your hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer Grasp bottom ties or elastics of the mask respirator, then the ones at .

without touching the front of the goggles or face shield If the item is reusable, place in designated receptacle for reprocessingOtherwise, discard in a waste container MASK OR RESPIRATOR Front of mask respirator is contaminated DO NOT TOUCH! If your hands get

Do not forget to wash your hands after using the washroomThe change room locker facility is for street clothing and personal belongings and must not store any food, work clothing or equipment (i.egloves, aprons, etc.)

Keep hands away from face, eyes, mouth, and body while using chemicals or lab equipmentWash your hands with soap and water after performing all experimentsExperiments must be personally monitored at all timesDo not wander around the room, distract other students, startle other students or interfere with the laboratory experiments

If you've ever touched fiberglass insulation with your bare hands, you're probably well aware of its effect on the skinIn most situations, touching the material without proper protection will result in a sharp stinging, burning and itching sensation.

The gloves will both protect you from spills and will stop your hands drying outUse a full face visor when working with liquid nitrogen safety goggles alone are not sufficientIt is also important to know when your PPE needs to be supplemented for example, a lab coat may not be sufficient when dealing with certain chemicals and a rubber apron should be used over your coat.

Hand washing is important step when controlling infections as well as for personal hygieneHand washing is recommended Before touching your eyes, nose, mouth or faceWhen hands are visibly soiledAfter using the washroom (includes changing diapers or

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