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do 500v insulated gloves need to be inspected

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do 500v insulated gloves need to be inspected

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do 500v insulated gloves need to be inspected

CFR Use of insulated cable handling When cables need to be trained, high voltage insulated gloves, mitts, hooks, tongs, slings, aprons, or other personal protective equipment capable of providing protection against shock hazard must be used to

Do Rubber Gloves Need To Be Replaced With e Hazard Blog Hugh Hoagland Gloves are replaced when they fail a visual inspection, air test or electrical testIf there is anything that makes a worker suspect the glove is unfit for service, feel free to replace it but there is no annual replacement requirement.

Do not compact orfoldDo not expose to heat sources (sunlight, radiators, artificial light).Store between Cand CInspection Before each use, carry out a visual inspection and check the gloveinflationAny puncture or perforation makes the gloves unusable.

Compare the measurements to the size chart below to find your glove sizeThe size measurements are in inches and relate directly to the glove sizePlease note we do advise Cotton Under Gloves to be worn under the Rubber Insulated Gloves, so you need to make a small allowance for that when deciding on glove size.

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