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correct meaning of precautions for use of protective clothing

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correct meaning of precautions for use of protective clothing

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correct meaning of precautions for use of protective clothing

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While caring for you and other patients with Cdiff, healthcare professionals will use certain precautions, such as wearing a gown and gloves, to prevent the spread of Cdiff to themselves and to other patientsIf youre in the hospital, wash your hands with soap and water every time you use the bathroom and always before you eat.

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Precautions for medical protective clothingProper training, use and maintenance of protective clothing are important for safetyIn any case, please confirm that the product is complete, the place of use, wear correctly, wear it all the time during exposure and replace it if necessary.

FOR CONTACT DROPLET PRECAUTIONS Perform hand hygiene Alcohol based handrub Rub hands for secondsWater and soap Wash hands for secondsor Put on the gown Put on the mask Medical maskPut on eye protection Put on face shield or gogglesFull PPE Put on gloves Ensure glove is placed over the cu of the gown

Before using PPE, staff should be educated and their competence assessed in the assessment of risk, and selection and use of PPE, as well as the use of standard precautionsIt is important to assess whether the selected PPE will be effective for example, staff using respirators will need to be fit tested to ensure masks are a correct

Gown Use in Standard PrecautionsWear when contact between clothing or skin with patient blood or body substances is expectedFor example Contact with patients non intact skin (e.g wounds) During procedures likely to generate a splash or spray of blood or body fluid Handling containers or patient fluids likely to leak, splash

Ensure choice of gown size is correct (based on training)Perform hand hygiene using hand sanitizerPut on isolation gownTie all of the ties on the gownAssistance may be needed by other healthcare personnelPut on NIOSH approved N filtering facepiece respirator or higher (use a facemask if a respirator is not available).

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Use of PPE for Expanded Precautions Use of PPE for Expanded Precautions Hand Hygiene Final Thoughts PPE is available to protect you from exposure to infectious agents during healthcare Know what type of PPE is necessary for the procedures you perform and use it correctly If eye protection is needed, either goggles or a face shield should be worn.

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