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isolate people in protective clothing

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isolate people in protective clothing

Isolate people from the hazard Change the way people work Protect the worker with Personal Protective Equipment The best way pharmacies can protect their pharmacy staff and reduce the spread of COVID is by putting control measures in place at all levels, including

Community isolation centers (CICs) can give people experiencing mild to moderate symptoms (e.gfever, fatigue, cough, muscle pain, sore threat, new loss of smell or taste, nasal congestion, shortness of breath or headache) a safe place to voluntarilyisolate, while conserving healthcare facility resources.

Stay at least six feet away from other people, including members of the public, family members, and co workers, for three to daysThis means avoiding public transportation, hotels, carpools, and in some cases, your workplaceSleep apart from adults by at least six feet (a separate bedroom is recommended) and avoid sexual activity.

Personal Protective especially when you are selecting respirators or chemical protective clothingIsolate people from the hazard

People who touch an infected persons skin can pick up the germs on their handsTaking a shower with soap and water can reduce the Cdiff on your skin and lessen the chance of it spreadingCdiff germs are so small relative to our size that if you were the size of the state of California, a germ would be the size of a baseball home plate.

being closer to people to five minutes or lessCall the healthcare provider before you go and tell them that you have COVID infectionFor the protection of others, you should use a personal car or call an ambulance to travel to your healthcare providerDo not take public transportation, ride shares (e.gUber or Lyft), or taxis under any

Personal Precautions Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothingWear personal protective equipmentIsolate and post spill areaKeep people away from and upwind of spill leakEliminate all sources of ignition and remove combustible materialsOther Combustible materials exposed to hydrogen peroxide should be immediately submerged in

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