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gb19082-2009 protective clothing level

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gb19082-2009 protective clothing level

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gb19082-2009 protective clothing level

The combination of microporous polyethylene film polypropylene spunbond composite non woven fabric provides a high level of fluid, particulate and biological barrierThe product conforms to GB standards of medical disposable protective clothingGamma irradiated to Sterility Assurance LevelFeatures

() In GB Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing, the filtration efficiency of key indicators is not mentioned in other national standardsHowever, the standard does not involve some key indicators such as microbial penetration, anti pollutant penetration, and other test items.

China has formulated and issued the following standards for medical protective clothing and medical face masks GB Technical Requirements for Single use Protective Clothing for Medical Use, GB Technical Requirements for Protective Face Masks for Medical Use, YY T Single use Medical Face Mask and YY Surgical

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Protective clothing Disposable nMedicalnProtective Coverall (Sterile EO) EXECUTIVE STANDARD GB INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE FABRIC PASS LEVEL

Medical Disposable Protective Clothing Fabrics Conform to the standard GB EN AAMI PB level Supply tons per day Wujiang Limeng Textile Co Ltd.

GB Ce En En ISO FDA TUV Isowaterproof Biological Disposable Clothing Suit AAMI Level Protective Medical Surgical Isolation Gown

The main performance indexes such as the liquid barrier function, elongation at break and filtration efficiency all conform to GB Standard Technical Requirements for Single Use Protective Clothing for Medical UseComponentsMade of non woven fabric peak processingApplication Method

Application Disposable protective clothing for medical useSterilization the product is sterilized by irradiation, and the sterilization period is one monthIt can be used by hospital medical staff and also can be used in ICU.

() In GB "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing", the filtration efficiency of key indicators is not mentioned in other national standardsHowever, some key indicators such as "microbial penetration, anti pollutant penetration and other test items are not involved, and both the US and EU standards have

Made of GSM two layer composite cloth protective material g Meet the national standard GB Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing By blocking blood, dust, droplets, droplets, and reducing the chance of bacteria and germs being transmitted to medical staff.

Chinese national standard GB Technical Requirements for Disposable Protective Clothing for Medical Use The anti synthetic blood penetration level requirement of second level protective clothing is no penetration at a pressure value of .kPa.

single use, adjrefers to an item of protective clothing that is intended to be used once and then disposed. DiscussionIn this specication, single use pro tective clothing is subject to sterilization prior to use per the manufacturers instructions.

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. The protective clothing marked "sterilized" or "sterile" on the packaging or with such pictorial markings shall be sterilerequirements of Anti penetration of synthetic blood The protective clothing materials shall be tested in accordance with Appendix A, and the results shall meet the requirements of .

GB ReplaceGB Level Pressurevalue kPa Two specimens with the size of cm× cm are cut from protective clothing

EN A Protective clothing against liquid chemicals Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type and Type PB [] equipment) Type chemical protective clothing for limited resistance to penetration by liquids shall pass the low level

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