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clamp meter should wear insulated gloves

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clamp meter should wear insulated gloves

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clamp meter should wear insulated gloves

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A clamp meter can be good for many thingsThe number one thing that a clamp meter is most useful for is checking for amperage and voltageSince most multimeters can measure up to ten amps of current, clamp meters are an excellent choice if you need to measure currents higher than ten amps.

This means electricians should still wear arc rated clothing and protective equipment including gloves, safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection and leather footwear as requiredIn lower voltage areas, measurements can be taken wearing minimal PPE, including gloves and protective eyewear.

Besides, remember to wear a pair of safety gloves while using themIt is a must to disconnect the leads before you use the meter to measure the currentDont forget to put your fingers behind its tactile barrierIn many models, the clamp meter indicates if the current is below A.

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Basically, the glove is filled with air (either manually or with a power inflator) and then checked for leakageAs stated in ASTM F , Type I gloves should be expanded no more than times their normal size during the air test and Type II gloves no more than timesThe procedure should be repeated after turning the glove inside out.

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Most modern clamp meters are Hall Effect clamp metersA clamp meter can be a Hall Effect clamp meter without being a true RMS clamp meterElectrical limitAny clamp meter that measures amps or less may be too limiting for professional applicationsMost clamp meters measure amps, and some go as high as , amps.

When working on live power circuits the protection of flame resistant clothing, safety glasses or safety face shield, and insulated gloves should be worn at a minimumAs a rule of thumb the closer the tested device is to the power source the higher the Category Level should be.

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In accordance with ASTM F , gloves should be expanded no more than times their normal size for Type I, and times normal for Type II during the air testThe procedure should then be repeated with the gloves turned inside outSince sleeves cannot be inflated, they should be inspected along the edge as they are rolled.

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Fluke's and automotive meters and leads are rated to volts, CAT III and CAT IVGloves, meter, and leads must all have a voltage rating that is greater than the highest voltage you plan to measureRubber insulating gloves must be inspected prior to each use according to the glove manufacturer's specifications, and tested periodically.

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The meter should be turned off when not in use and its batteries removed when stored for an extended periodSteps on How to Measure AC Current Using the ClampsSince analog clamp meters are not much used any more, this procedure will describe the operation of the digital type clamp meter.

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wear appropriate protective gear, such as insulated rubber gloves, boots and a safety helmetTo avoid electric shock when replacing the battery, first disconnect the voltage cord or clamp from the object to be measuredAfter replacing the battery, replace the cover and screws before using the instrumentWhen replacing the battery, be sure to

Wear Gloves While Using The Meter Besides safety devices, having a partner by your side while taking the measurement is helpful when an electric shock occursAn accident could accelerate to a life threatening situation if theres no one around to provide immediate help.

How should rubber insulating gloves be cleaned and stored Wash in warm water (°F) with mild detergent, disinfect with a small amount of chlorine bleachAir or tumble dry at low heat (°F)Gloves may be dusted lightly with talc to reduce tackinessGloves should be stored in a glove bag, finger tips up, hung and not laid flat.

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