As you are aware podiatrists have been following a strict triaging system to ensure your safety and ours. Following professional guidance, 29th May 2020, I will now be able to start seeing those patients with ‘mild conditions’ (green on our triaging system) once we have seen our cancelled red and amber patients. This will only be where self-care advice or a video consult is not possible.

However, this does not mean that we are returning to normal. Social distancing, PPE and all health and safety measures are still in place and your safety is the priority.

All podiatry practices will move at different speeds due to different patient groups and staffing but all will be prioritising safety. Please be kind and patient with staff in all sectors returning to new rules, routines and working conditions.

I will be in touch with my patients to rebook cancelled appointments as soon as we can as I am only booking a week ahead in case of covid-19 changes from the government or myself.

If you have a problem before I contact you then please call 07986 751490 for help. Thank you for your continuing support of my small business at this time. It means the world to me.